Study shows strong growth for OVPs through at least 2018

The global online video platform market is poised to grow at a CAGR of better than 13% through 2018, a new report says.

Research and Markets, in its “Global Online Video Platform Market” report points out that OVPs are a significant player in the booming online video market, adding that it sizes the market based on direct revenue, which is generated from the issue of new subscriptions, technical support, and software maintenance.

The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Online Video Platform market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market, including Ooyala.

But, while video delivery is considered the bread and butter of the industry, big data and analytics are more its meat and potatoes, and, its future.

Content owners and brands increasingly are seeking actionable market insights that allow them to, for example, expand the reach of an advertising campaign based on anonymized data that’s collected from video plays and views and analyzed to help brands make better business decisions.

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Jim O’Neill is Editor of Videomind and Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and on LinkedIn