Spain’s online, TV ad markets rebound somewhat in 2014

Spain’s TV ad market rebounded somewhat in 2014, with growth in advertising on online TV platforms outpacing traditional television ad growth.

Although online ad spend was considerably less than traditional TV spend, growth – at 10.1% for the year – took the market past $22.9 million (€20 million) in 2014.

Spending on television ads, meanwhile, increased 9% for the year to $2.06 billion (€1.8 billion) from $1.91 billion (€1.66 billion) in 2013. Brands’ overall media spend in Spain for 2014 was $4.24 billion (€3.7 billion), compared to $8.48 billion (€7.4 billion) spent by advertisers in 2008. Arce said that although agencies and brands remained cautious in their spending, 2014 was the first year since the fiscal crisis that hammered southern Europe began in 2008 that the ad market in Spain closed on a positive note.

Brands, though, remain slow to return to the market. While there close to 4,500 brands advertised on Spanish TV in 2014, about 1,000 other advertisers have left the market.

But, The Arce forecasts 2015 to be even more improved over 2014, with advertisers spend improving nearly 8%.

Stay tuned.

Jim O’Neill is Editor of Videomind and Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and on LinkedIn