Monday rumor mill: Google joining Dish to build 4th wireless carrier

wireless carrier
Will Google join Dish is building a 4th wireless carrier in the US? It's a long-shot.

Let’s see… you can only wear white after Memorial Day, and silly season for rumors starts after July 4? So, it appears. A report in the New York Post has Google talking with Dish Network about creating a fourth wireless carrier in the US.

Dish is widely reported to be on the prowl for wireless provider Boost Mobile and its associated spectrum that Sprint and T-Mobile will need to shed if they hope to get approval from the Department of Justice for their $26.5 billion tie up.

The Post quoted an unnamed source as saying “there’s no question” former Ford CEO (and current Alphabet director) Alan Mulally is taking the lead for Google in talks with Dish.

But there’s more than just one fly buzzing around the picnic. Deutsche Telekom, parent of T-Mobile, reportedly doesn’t want Google in the mix and has worked to keep them on the outside of any deal.

Google says it’s bull

For its part, Google is wasting no time denying the report, saying, “These claims are simply false. Google is not having any conversations with Dish about creating a wireless network.” A Google spokesman, however, declined to comment on whether Mulally was talking with Dish execs.

Reports put a potential purchase price on the asset buy in the neighborhood of $6 billion. And, right now, Dish appears to be the only legitimate player for the deal, one that still is far from certain.

But, adding Google (and its very deep pockets) to the mix could radically alter the wireless carrier landscape. And, it would give Google a new stage for its Pixel smartphones and its tablets, an opportunity akin to razor blade companies supplying a handle for pennies and razor blades at a premium.

There are some other potential bidders for whatever assets T-Mobile and Sprint need to spin off to help their merger happen, but none likely as well suited as Dish… and, perhaps, Google.

Stay tuned.

Jim O’Neill is Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and on LinkedIn