Brightcove launches new solution to OTT market sprawl

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The OTT market is exploding as more consumers look online for video content. New industry research shows the market entering its second land-grab phase over the next five years as some of the biggest players in the industry jostle for position (and subscribers).

It’s clear Netflix already has won the war for SVOD dominance – it’s forecast to have more than 219 million subscribers globally in 2024. Amazon, according to Digital TV Research, will have 127 million, Disney+ about 82 million and Apple TV+ 13 million. That’s 45% of a pie expected to number 970 million subscriptions. That means there’s more than 529 million additional subscriptions split between China (291 million) – where none of those services are expected to operate – and the rest of the world (238 million). In the US, DTVR expects Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Now to account for 217 million subscribers with “others” having 52.9 million more.

While the news is dominated by big companies like Netflix, Amazon and the soon-to-launch Disney+, the market exists in a decidedly different reality. There’s a plethora of other players, from content owners looking to go D2C, to regional broadcasters and publishers. All are – or should be – looking to jump into OTT. Obviously, the cadence of launches is increasing, and it’s likely to remain rapid for the next three to five years.

The catch? You’d better be quick to market or risk losing the edge to your competition.

Dealing with rapid OTT market evolution

But OTT isn’t a one-size-fits-all market. And not all OTT providers’ goals are the same.

To that end, Brightcove this week announced it’s added a new product to its OTT Experiences portfolio: Brightcove Beacon, which responds to the changing market forces at work today and works for live and on-demand applications.

Brightcove Beacon enables OTT providers to quickly launch an OTT play and scale it seamlessly without giving up quality. Among its key features:

  • It provides a consistent experience for web browsers, mobile devices, connected TVs and smart TVs, allowing viewers to search for and play video;
  • It enables central configuration and management of applications for all desired platforms;
  • Provides a robust CMS for users to upload, transcode, tag and organize videos into playlists, including the ability to set availability windows and filter by geography;
  • Authentication, subscription registration and tracking via Stripe;
  • Flexible monetization management by defining entitlements for advertising, subscription, freemium and authentication models; and,
  • Enable aggregation of analytics from Brightcove and Stripe to track and measure purchasing, viewership, and content metrics to inform content, platform, monetization, marketing and platform choices that maximize viewership and ROI.

Different needs, different solutions

Brightcove Beacon joins OTT Flow, which is an out-of-the-box option primarily for subscription on-demand services. Another option is working with the Brightcove Global Services team, which offers bespoke solutions and customization services.

Where a company is in its OTT journey and the background it has in the content delivery space will help determine what Brightcove solution is best for it.

For companies new to the broadcast or content distribution space, ones that don’t have significant infrastructure, or an established market strategy, or who are looking to build a subscriber base, Brightcove Flow and several technology partners might be the right path.

For companies with limited infrastructure needs, that are looking to get to market quickly, or with an established subscriber base that it wants to be more ad focused, Brightcove Beacon would be a better choice.

Other considerations are the scope of the service Brightcove Beacon can deliver. For example, Brightcove Beacon will work with a broader array of smart TVs, and game consoles that can OTT Flow. And, where OTT Flow partners with Cleeng for user management and authentication and authorization, A&A is built into Brightcove Beacon. Brightcove Beacon also includes regional content filtering, while OTT Flow uses Cleeng. Also native to Brightcove Beacon are dynamic playlists and the ability to A/B test.

The bottom line

Brightcove’s OTT Experiences portfolio addresses the reality that no two OTT services are ever the same. And, Brightcove Beacon allows OTT providers to concentrate on what’s most important to them: The content.  It’s also backed by the power and stability of the segment leading Brightcove Video Cloud.

Stay tuned.Jim O’Neill is Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and on LinkedIn