Brightcove Campaign app helps focus video-driven demand-gen campaigns

Brightcove Campaign

Brightcove is introducing a new app – Brightcove Campaign – to help marketers reach higher quality leads, convert them faster and increase pipeline, while making it easier to post videos, monitor their performance and reach without having to disrupt users’ existing tech silos. 

The app, which is available now, connects out of the box with the major MAPs to build, maintain and compare campaign engagement against competitors’ video-driven ad campaigns allowing marketers to continuously optimize their efforts. 

“The out of the box integration with Hubspot helps us tie our two marketing technologies together, build out the full picture of how our content is performing, and understand who is engaging with it,” said Adam Grillot, marketing manager and customer experience manager at Airstream.

The new user-centric app will send ripples among marketers who already know that mentioning video in a subject line increases click-through rate (CTR) 13%, and that using video can increase landing page conversions by 80%. Nearly 85% of marketers say they believe video is growing in importance, with 53% of consumers already engaging with a brand after viewing video in social media. Video’s use in emails has increased to 55% (by 2018) from just 40% in 2015. 

But for many marketers video performance has remained more magic than science. Often, there’s plenty of data on viewing statistics available but few ways to really make insightful business decisions based on that data. 

The amount of marketing audio and video content has increased by over 60% since 2018. Surveys say nearly three-quarters of demand-gen managers want to focus on lead quality over lead quantity and improve conversion rates and campaign results. More than 60%, meanwhile, say they want tools to help them improve their ability to measure and analyze marketing impact. 

Brightcove Campaign provides major insights

Using a unique interface on Chrome browsers, the app doesn’t just deliver data on how many views a piece of content is getting, for example, it also provides an actual score against a variety of benchmarks as to how its viewing and engagement is performing compared to other similar video-driven campaigns executed by Brightcove customers. That’s a feature unique to Brightcove Campaign in the industry.

Overall, Brightcove Campaign is designed to provide an easier workflow for marketers looking to build effective pipeline. 

According to B2B Marketing Zone, the top goals for demand generation managers this year are focusing on lead quality over quantity, as well as improving conversion rates and campaign results,” said Brightcove CTO Charles Chu. “To help accomplish those goals, we launched Brightcove Campaign to give demand generation teams the insightful data, optimization, and efficiency they need to create impactful, video-driven marketing campaigns.” 

Among Brightcove Campaign’s attributes are:

  • Customized, easy-to-follow campaign advice and best practices
  • Advanced analytics reporting, including industry benchmark comparisons
  • One-click-to-publish capability across multiple marketing channels
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Customized thumbnail codes for email distribution and video optimization 
  • Out of the box marketing automation integration with Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce
  • Google Chrome extension for easy video analysis
  • Google and Adobe Analytics integration

You can learn more about Brightcove Campaign  here:

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Jim O’Neill is Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and onLinkedIn