Blurring lines has the media landscape slightly out of focus

media landscape

Want to know just how confused the media landscape is today? Check out the diagram published by Recode today giving market caps of a chunk of the biggest players in the space today.

They range in value, for example, from Disney’s $254 billion to Lionsgate’s $2.5 billion. And, lurking in the wings: Amazon ($934 billion), Apple ($920 billion), Google ($773 billion) and Facebook ($548 billion). Oh, my!

While the market cap data is an interesting way to look at how the media landscape shapes up from an investor’s perspective, it really underscores just how unspecific the space is. That, in turn, underscores the likelihood that it will continue to evolve as media companies, distribution companies and streaming companies continue to knock down the walls that once contained them.

The easiest way? M&A.

The bottom line

Size is simple to achieve – just buy someone a la AT&T, Disney, for instance, if you can slip it past the regulators… which should be pretty easy in the current climate.

So, who buys Netflix? And, when? And how much deeper into the space will tech players press?

Check out Recode’s diagram which, while it doesn’t address those questions specifically, sure gives helps provide a sense of just how far there is to go and where the deepest pockets are.

And, as interest rates look like they’ll either dip or stay the same for the next couple of quarters, as the International Monetary Funds’s chief economist said today, money is in the pipeline. The Fed could set the table today for a rate cut in July at its quarterly meeting.

Stay tuned.

Jim O’Neill is Principal Analyst at Brightcove. You can follow him on Twitter @JimONeillMedia and on LinkedIn